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Should I send Holiday cards even though I am single?

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Just because you are single does not mean you should get out of sending holiday cards. It’s the time of year I love going to the mailbox and seeing if there is anything in there besides bills. I love seeing who has sent me a Christmas card this year and proudly displaying them around the house.

There is a stigma with Holiday cards that they are for families and couples to send out. Well here are 5 reasons why every single should send out Christmas cards. 

Circle of Joy

What to put on your holiday card if you’re single

Now that I am going to convince you to send holiday cards what should you put on them? That’s the hardest part. For me it’s either an image of myself or my two cats. In the past I have chosen to send out a non photo card that was beautifully designed. My goal is to have a year of experiences so that one year I can send out a collage of travel and life events. Even if it’s all just selfies.

1. Keeping in touch with family and friends

Reconnecting even if you have friend or family thousands of miles away that you haven’t been able to keep in touch with as much as you want. Sending a holiday card shows that you are thinking of them. 

Check out this Modern Gilded Joy card.

2. Show Off

Show that you are secure in where you are in life. Whether it’s a photo of yourself or a collage of all your travels. Tell the world where you are in this season of your life. Happiness is not just defined by your relationship status or family size. 

Have a great year of travels or experiences? Just have a few cut shots from instagram?  Make a collage of images and pair it with a fun saying like Oh what fun! This can reflect your personalty and you might even get a chuckle from Grandma. Check out this Oh What Fun foil pressed card.


3. Carve out that spot on the Fridge 

During Christmas time when you go to your parents or friends you see the Christmas cards they have received proudly on display. Well it’s about time that you earned a spot on that fridge or mantel. Don’t want just a huge image of yourself? Share a few but also sprinkle in a few images of your pets.  I like that the Joy collection template allows you to add 6 photos to the front of your card. 

4. Give them something to look forward to

I have been told that they look forward to my holiday card every year and thats because I switch it up. A few years ago I sent an ornament card. Years later I still see that ornament of friends and family’s trees when I go over around the holidays. This Christmas Snowflake ornament card is a perfect on conventional card. 

5. Life Events

Life events like buying a house, your new apartment, new pet or graduatinng are great excuses (not that you need one) to send holiday cards. Life events don’t just happen when you are in a relationship. Brag on yourself a little bit.  I am loving this Twinkling new home card.

Great options for some well designed non photo cards. 

Joy Letter Poinsettia

Have yourself a merry little Christmas


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  1. All of your card examples are beautiful. I love receiving cards from all my loved ones. My favorite is the one from my Aunt who just send photos of her dog every year! Gotta check out Minted this year, thanks!