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I thought turning thirty was difficult until it was the night before my 32nd birthday.

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It’s the night before my 32nd birthday and there is just something about the number 32 that is hitting me hard. It’s hitting me a lot harder than 30. I think it’s because 30 is exciting it’s almost like you hit that next stage in life and 32 is making you reflect on the goals or milestones you had set for yourself. You start evaluating where you are in life.


Let’s face it we all set arbitrary milestones. For me it was I want to get my masters degree by the time I am 25, I want to buy a house before I turn 30. I checked that off by the time I was 28. When you start to hit your early 30’s you start to think about marriage and kids. Now I always knew I was career driven and wanted to have kids later in life. But when your OB hits you with well your 32 you might want to consider freezing your eggs. You feel like you have gotten whiplash just from going to your annual check up.

I was talking to my friend Camille the other day and she was telling me that 32 hit her hard also. She had a good point we have all these things in our heads and that society tells us to accomplish before 30, 35 , 40 but what’s after that… retirement? Why do we all the sudden stop setting these milestones?


In your 30’s you start to think about things that you never worried about before like why haven’t I been applying lotion to my neck for 31 years?! You start buying things like rashguard (spf shirts), you suddenly care about the aluminum in your deodorant and your budget for all things skin care increases.

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So in my last night of being 31 I am looking at all the things that I have accomplished and not dwelling on where I thought I would be.

I am a home owner.
I am a graduate.
I am a designer.
I am an aunt.
I am a business owner.
I am happy.
I am loved.
I am still figuring it out.
I am worthy.

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