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I participated in Swap It Like It’s Hot Thrift Store Challenge and made a recipe box out of an upholstered jewelry box. Well what is a recipe box without recipe cards to write your recipes on?! Anyone feel like the handwritten recipes are getting lost with our Pinterest boards? Don’t get me wrong I love Pinterest! But I love recipe cards especially when your favorite recipes become spotted with oil and use. I cherish the cards I can immediately point out in my moms hand writing or when I try to make out my grandma’s loose but somehow tight cursive that have additional notes that are almost impossible to decipher. There is just something about a handwritten recipe that warms my heart. So let’s bring back the handwritten recipes that we can pass along. Make sure to click below to download both the recipe cards and the recipe divider tabs.

Download The Recipe Card Here   |   Download the Dividers Here

Check out the Swap It Like It’s Hot challenge here, where 40 bloggers headed out to the thrift store and spent $10 on items to ship out to another blogger. Then we all came together on our blogs to showcase how we transformed the treasures. 

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