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Weekend Craft has turned one and what a year it has been! I feel like this has been a year of transformation and change. I originally had started this blog when my gradschool internship had ended and my freelance work was at a low. Naturally I started to be more crafty in my spare time. After a few craft shows I had been asked how I made things or what was my next project. Now in no way have I ever been a fabulous writer (grammar is not my thing and I struggle with spelling) (I also really like to put my thoughts in parenthesis’ if you haven’t noticed yet). My blog has never been about the writing but more about developing my voice and sharing projects with my friends and family. Never in my wildest dreams did I think others would follow along! 

Over this past year I feel as though I have been welcomed with open arms by both the crafting and blogging community. I have even made some great friends and a support system along the way. With out this support I’m not sure I would have made it through this year. Shout out to some bloggers that I have really admired and looked up to along the way and developed some great friendships with. Kelly from Simply Kelly Designs, Candace from Lucky Scarf, Trisha from Black and White Obsession, Becky and Glenna from My Paper Craze, Kristy from Please Excuse My CrafterMath, Jeanie from Create and Babble and Lauren from the Thinking Closet.

I really have to recognize the Silhouette Challenge facebook group in a big way. Who would’ve thought when I bought my Silhouette Cameo through the Thinking Closets affiliate link that it would motivate me to blog once a month and talk to bloggers and crafter on a daily (sometimes even hourly basis) through facebook. This group really taught me how to talk about crafting and develop tutorials through practicing both answering questions and asking them through this group. The monthly challenges kept me motivated to keep blogging each month and to step out of my comfort zone. Check out all my silhouette projects here and following along with the Silhouette Challenge on Pinterest here. 

 Only a few of us Silhouette Challengers at Haven Conference in Atlanta this July.
Only a few of us Silhouette Challengers at Haven Conference in Atlanta this July.

Highlights of Year One

Country Living

Looking back on this year I would definitely say one of my most proud moments was being featured on for my Shutter Mail organizer. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine being featured on another blog let alone Country Living. 

This really was my aha moment maybe I can make something of this blog…Is it more than just a hobby?

DIY Kitchen Makeover for under $350

That time we decided to make over a kitchen…. on a very limited budget. This was a huge under taking. My sister and I are fairly crafty but had never taken on a project this large.  

We completed the kitchen from cabinets to countertops and backsplash for under $350. This is by far the most popular post/series to date. 

Guest Posting

I was so honored to be asked to guest post a few times in these last couple months. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be approached by some of my favorites to guest post for them. Here are a few of my most recent and favorite guest post make sure to keep an eye our in September and October I have a few more planned!

Goals for the Next Year

• More Consistent Content- posting 2-3 times a week.
• Quality Content
• Not only guest blogging more but hosting more bloggers on Weekend Craft.
• Higher Quality Photos (upgrade from my iphone pics)
• Attend another blogging conference and make more blogging friends! (SNAP here I come).
• Reach out to Brands 
• Learn more coding, maybe even take a class
• Expand Weekend Craft into a retail space in New England (fingers crossed). 


What a better way can I thank you for reading than to give something away! Myself and 18 other bloggers have gotten together to give away another Silhouette Gift Basket! Now I am super excited about this basket because it includes PixScan Mat and the Roller Feeder which I haven’t even tried yet!

Make sure to stop by and visit each and everyone of these lovely ladies. (Hint there may be an additional entry to the contest if you comment on other pages!)

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