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I am constantly on the search for glue either I have run out or I have the wrong glue for the project I am working on.  Did I mention this happens constantly?! I think I could drive to Michael’s with my eyes closed. 

There are just sometimes you try to use a glue stick and even though it says it dries clear, it dries like shown above. Which is frustrating when you sit down to craft for a set period of time but you don’t have the correct supplies needed for the project. 

And this is when you end up wandering the aisle of Michael’s looking for that specific brand of glue. For me that is Zig. A friend had gave me a zig pen for Christmas a few years back and it was life changing. 

Not only is it a great quality glue but it comes in three different types. My favorite is the glue pen. 

With glue pen I feel like it is great for detailed projects or even when you are just to tired to glue neatly. This pen will keep you neat. Besides double stick tape and an exacto knife this is my go to craft supply. 

I am always looking for great crafting supplies that you have discovered over the years. Feel free to leave some of your favorites you can’t live without below in the comments!

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