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Tip Tuesday- Repairing a Mac Book Pro Charger

Let’s face it my Mac Book Pro has seen better days. This guy in the last 4+ years has been put through the ringer. He has trekked from Massachusetts to Georgia to France back to Georgia and then back to Massachusetts. He has also endured a year and a half of non stop use in grad school and the constant travel to my freelance clients. Sometimes he doesn’t even get turned off for months. So considering all of that I think I would be a little beat up and dirty too. 

This is what my cord looks like. One its kinda embarrassing and two I’m pretty sure its a fire hazard. Now I don’t want to break down and buy a new cord because I plan on purchasing a new MacBook Pro this summer, the cord is about $80.  So here is what I used to fix it. Electrical tape and the tubing from a piece of coax cable. 

Now the coax cable is going to keep to cord sturdy and from bending more. We had a bit of cable left from setting up my craft room so we used the remains of that, striping out the excess cable so just the tubing was left. 

Make sure to start the tape slightly above the tubing and wrap tight. 

It’s a little bulky but such an improvement from before. 

Did you think that was my only issue? Well think again. I did say I’ve put him through the ringer. DISCLAIMER: This looks this way (gross) because I had it wrapped in packing tape but lets fix it “properly.”

Again we used coax cable placing it above the break and wrapping the cord tightly with electrical tape. 

Not the part that comes out of the back to the battery pack is thicker than the rest. So we just used electrical tape on this portion because we did not have a cable that was thick enough. 

Why not jazz up the black cord with a little washi tape!

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