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2014 was such an extraordinary year. It was my first full year of blogging and Weekend Craft has come so far! Looking back there are definitely changes and improvements coming in 2015 but before I even think about that let’s go down memory lane and revisit the ten most popular posts this year! 

1. DIY Pallet Signs

PALLETS! PALLETS PALLETS! They make up about a third of this list. I love them because they are budget friendly, accesible and easy to work with. While at the same time giving you a rustic or salvaged look. I look forward to making more pallet projects in 2015!

2. How to Dismantle a Pallet without Power Tools. 

I was shocked to see this as the second most popular post of the year. I am actually finishing up a post for January that will show you how to dismantle a pallet with power tools. I have come along way this year and so hasn’t my tool collection! 

3. Window Shutter Organizer

This project is one that I am the most proud of. I had this idea in my head for years to make a mail organizer out of shutters. I just needed to find the shutters. I am so proud of this post because not only is it one of my all time favorite projects it put Weekend Craft on the map. It was featured in Country LivingGood Housekeeping and MSN Lifestyle.

4. DIY Filing Cabinet Makeover

What a fun project! I am sure we all have some sort of filing system or need one (like I did). But why are filing cabinets so ugly or boring. Well I decided I wanted my filing cabinet to be apart of the room as a piece of furniture that was a bold statement and the results were stunning. 

5. Part One Kitchen Makeover Painted Granite Counter Tops

Because everyone can’t afford a luxury kitchen makeover. My sister and I tackled her kitchen with only $350 in our budget. In part one see how we painted faux granite counter tops. 

6. Lace Painted Bedroom Set

The painted lace bedroom set is one of my favorite furniture upcycle projects ever. The simplistic idea of using lace as a stencil is just genius. 

7. Kitchen Makeover Part 2 Painted Cabinets

Part 2 of the renovation was painting oak cabinets. It took longer than we thought but it truly made the biggest difference when the renovation was complete!

8. Freezer Paper Tote Bag

I was actually shocked more Silhouette projects weren’t on my top list but I am glad this one made the cut! Not only is it one of my favorite sayings but learning how to cut freezer paper and use it as a fabric stencil has changed the way I use my Silhouette. 

9. Kitchen Makeover Part 3

Part 3 of the renovations was my favorite because it was the big reveal. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in one weekend and that if you look for long enough you can find just what you need on clearance!

10. Crafty Pallet Sign

And last but certainly not least. One of my first projects ever. Not even in 2014. My first pallet sign that is still hanging to this day in my craft room. When I look back to how I even made this I was Macgyver! I had never even used vinyl back then. 

In 2014 I have met bloggers from all over the country that I have become friends with. In 2015 I want to grow my local connections with bloggers in the New England area so why not start now! Below are five local bloggers, some I know well and some I can’t wait to get to know more with you. So make sure you stop by their top posts for the year its a great way to get a glimpse into their blogs in just one post!

Check out Stephanie’s top posts of 2014 over at Sandpaper and Glue

Candace has got her awesome posts from 2014 over at Lucky Scarf

Rebecca’s got a 2014 list going over at Authentically Bold: Rebecca

And Kelly’s in on the action over at A Lovely Life, Indeed

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  1. As always, I love your pallet signs. And that tote bag is pretty bomb dig as well 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you in person in 2015!

  2. I think I am going to combine your lace stencil idea with Stephanie’s metallic idea!!!! 2015 is going to be amazing!!!!

  3. Great projects, I love your lace dresser it’s so pretty. I also love your sweat glitter pallet sign, so clever 🙂

    1. Amy that sign is my favorite. I almost sold it but had second thoughts! It belongs in my craftroom!