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How to decorate with your Rae Dunn ceramics for Christmas. Incorporate your everyday Rae Dunn with your Christmas decor and add in some holiday Rae Dunn.  

It’s hard to collect Rae Dunn and not be obsessed. I am sharing part of my collection on here for the first time today. Guys I am an addict and I don’t know how it happened! It all started when I saw this cute coffee canister on instagram and I was on a quest. Little did I know it would take me 7 months to find it and hundreds of trips to TJMaxx, Marshalls and Homegoods later to find this coffee canister.

Let’s start at the basics.

So what’s Rae Dunn?

Rae Dunn is a pottery or ceramics that is imperfect in shape and have large letter words on the pottery. It is a big trend in the farmhouse decor world. The pottery is designed by an artist name Rae Dunn who licensed her designs to a company called Magenta. They are sold exclusively to TJX stores such as TJMaxx, Marshalls, Homegoods and Homesense. 

So cool, you think you can just hop on over to TJX and buy them…. nope. This pottery is elusive and has a cult following. Which leads to upsellers who clear shelves to sell for a profit on ebay, mercari and facebook. If you are an upseller feel free to stop reading, there’s no place for you on my site. Now that we have that out of the way how is my collection growing? Am I at the stores everyday? No but maybe twice a week. I am fortunate enough that I joined some local facebook groups that allow you to trade items and only sell items at retail price. The majority of my collection is from these lovely ladies. In fact I did not find one piece of my holiday collection in the store and I did not spend a dime over retail. 

DO NOT BUY FROM UPSELLERS. There are other ways. If people keep buying they will keep clearing shelves. Sorry for the PSA.

Let’s talk Christmas

Now I love to decorate for Christmas. I told myself I wasn’t going to go crazy this year and I certainly wasn’t going to start collecting Rae Dunn’s Christmas line…. I needed to focus on my everday collection. Well guys that last until about Thanksgiving when I got the bug. I got the Merry, Joy, Cheer planters and I knew I needed more so they wouldn’t be alone on my shelves. I needed a game plan and that was to find the canisters. Luckily enough I was able to find these through the facebook group and met some sweet ladies when I went to pick them up. The red was a perfect accent to my green eucalyptus garland from Hobby Lobby. 

How to decorate your everyday Rae Dunn collection for Christmas

What I love about Rae Dunn is the simplicity. I wanted to highlight the natural color by not over powering it with too many christmas colors. I chose to focus on using just greenery and red berries throughout my shelves in the kitchen. I needed a focal point which came in the form of a gold deer head that hung on my sunporch last year. I added in metallic ornaments on the bottom shelf to tie it in with the deer. The dear head placement on the floating shelves was inspired by Abby over at A Girl and Her Blog. She did something similar two years ago that I saw on instagram.

I used real winter berries in my pour pitcher and purchased the rest at Joanns. The faux plants in the planters are from ikea and fit perfectly into RD planters. 

Dress up your Rae Dunn Canisters

Don’t be afraid to dress up your pieces. Add a bow to the canisters to get them in the holiday spirit. Add bits of cotton and red berries to your mixing bowls or even your mugs. 

Seek inspiration from other collectors

One of my favorite places to seek inspiration for decorating with Rae Dunn is on instagram. Explore Rae Dunn hashtags and the inspiration is endless. I also love posting in facebook group to see how others are decorating. The remaining photos in this post are from other collectors who I am inspired by and have met through facebook. 

Meghan always amazes me when she shares pictures of her Rae Dunn in her home. I love how she incorporates two different lines here, the polka dot dinner plates and the LL Christmas ovals. Tying everything together with plaid and the natural element of wood. Meghan is there an extra place setting for me? I am coming over for this instagram worthy Christmas dinner!

Now I mostly mention the Large Letter Rae Dunn since that is what I collect but Hailey here has made incorporating plaid RD into her Christmas decor look effortless! I love the edition of the bottle brush trees and pine cones. It gives texture and dimension to her display.

Continuing on to Hailey’s console table can we just recognize how genius she was to remove the lids to the canisters and add mini Christmas trees! Hailey is full of amazing home decor ideas follow her on instagram here

Jennifer masters simplicity at its best. Adding Tea, Cream and Sugar all to a cake pedestal in front of her Christmas tree. Simply styled with wooden beads and pine cones. What I love about this most is that the pairing makes sense. You would drink your tea with cream and sugar.

I knew I loved Jennifer’s style! We have the same bar cart. I love how she simply added ornaments for some holiday flair.

And last but not least I am going to give Chrissy credit for where I got the idea to add ribbon to my canisters. While I added them to the handle I love how Chrissy added hers to the neck of the jar. 

I know it seems silly but this pottery gives me such joy. I have met some great people both instore and while trading on facebook. My kitchen has never looked cuter and it makes me happy. While sometimes the hunt can be frustrating the thrill of finding your unicorn piece and bring it into your home is worth it. 

Happy Hunting!

Shout out to all the ladies on facebook who sent me images of their displays. 

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  1. I am always on the look out for Rae Dunn here in Canada at Homesense, but so far no luck! You have quite a collection. I love that the pieces specific to Christmas have red writing, but blend seamlessly with the words on the everyday pieces!!

  2. Super cute! I love how you’ve dressed up your everyday pieces! I haven’t been able to find much of the large letter Christmas items, but this is something I can totally do! I met your friend Sharon at Marshalls and she told me I should check out your blog and I’m so glad I did!

    1. OMGosh what a small world! I am so glad Sharon led you to my site she is such a sweetheart. If it wasn’t for my facebook groups I wouldn’t have half my collection! It’s so hard to find.

  3. Oh, no! You’ve got me hooked. I bought a Rae Dunn coffee mug for my daughter in law for Christmas. I have none of my own, yet!! Well, now I’m on the hunt! Wish me luck!,,