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Create DIY buffalo check plaid ornaments with fabric strips and mod podge.

If you don’t know, my name is Michelle and I am obsessed with all things buffalo check. Infact I even have a buffalo check Christmas tree. I had one last year two and decided that I wanted to update it this year with a few new ornaments. While I had been on the quest for some black and white buffalo check ornaments I just couldn’t find any that I liked so I thought I would make some. 

I headed to the craft store and picked up some thin cotton buffalo check fabric and modge podge. Now I had some glass ornaments from clearance of the year before so I dug those out. The next part was the hard part how do you put plaid gridded fabric onto a round surface?

After trying a few techniques I cut the fabric into strips. I used the lines from the plaid to guide me with fabric scissors. Now if I had a rotary cutter this would have been done in seconds. Note to self add this to my wishlist.  

Once you cut out your strips and a thin layer of modge podge to your glass ornament. Place fabric spanning from one side to the next. Keep doing this alternating colors or shades of grey. You can add a clear coat to the top or leave the fabric texture be. Which is what I chose. 

These ornaments were definitely easy to make. I love how imperfect it is. It’s almost an optical illusion because you would never notice while it’s on the tree. 

I made about a dozen of these in one afternoon. It truly did transform the Christmas tree and set it apart for last years tree. 

Since I wanted the black and white buffalo check to shine through I chose mainly red, gold or natural ornaments for the rest of the Christmas tree. 

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