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How to put together a onesie making station for a baby shower.

Onesie Station for a baby shower

Baby showers can be a lot of fun but often times the baby shower games can be painful. Naturally instead of playing games I like to craft. Today I want to share how you can make a DIY onesie making station at your next baby shower.

A DIY onesie station can be a fun interactive baby shower activity. If you do the prep work and make everything ahead of time it can be stress free and your guest will feel like they are creating a personalized gift.

Not throwing a baby shower? Maybe it’s the second child. Throw a sprinkle with no gifts required and have a craft night making onesies for the mom to be.

Steps to create a DIY onesie station for your next baby shower.

1. Choose a theme

Does the baby shower have a theme? If so go off this theme to design or find designs and images to create your onesie artwork. This will help you also buy onesies and bibs in coordinating colors.

In this case the baby’s nursery is a nautical theme so I thought a nautical themed onesie station would be perfect.

2. Choose materials

There are many different ways to make onesies decide if you would like to just use iron-on or also use fusible fabric. Both are easy day of to apply to both onesies and bibs.

Here’s what you need

3. Prep

Doing work ahead of time is going to make this stress free.

Iron-on Vinyl

Now one of my favorite ways to decorate a onesie is with iron-on vinyl.

Onesie Station for a baby shower2

Make sure in design space to mirror your design and place the shiny side of your iron on down on your mat. These are the most common mistakes.

Onesie Station for a baby shower3

Fusible fabric

Want a more upscale look try using fusible fabric.

Onesie Station for a baby shower4

I’m using cotton fabric. I cut the fabric and heat bond to the size of the designs. Placing the textured side down on the fabric. Iron or use the EasyPress to fuse the fabric and heat bond together.

Onesie Station for a baby shower5

Let cool a few minutes and peel back the paper backing. This will leave a shiny film on the fabric.

Onesie Station for a baby shower6

Now to cut place your fabric fusible side down. Load your rotary blade into your Cricut Maker and cut your design.

Once your design is cut weed out excess fabric.

Onesie Station for a baby shower7

4. Setup a station

Arrive to the party a bit early and get your station set up. Layout blank onesies and bibs, iron-on, fabric designs and mats. Plug in your EasyPress’ and preheat.

Need some more decor? Hang some of the blank onesies up on a clothes line with clothes pins. As needed they can be taken down and decorated. You can even rehang them with their new designs.

Onesie Station for a baby shower8

5. Let’s make some onesies!

As the party starts have one person maning the onesie station giving directions.

  • Pre-heat the EasyPress2 to 305 degrees (If you are working with cotton)
  • Have the guest pick either an iron-on or fusible fabric design.
  • Pre-heat the onesie or bib for 15 seconds
  • Place the design on to your onesie or bib
  • EasyPress
    • For iron-on place EasyPress2 on the design for 30 seconds
    • For Fusible fabric place EasyPress2 on the design for 15 seconds
  • Flip over and press the back for 15 seconds.
  • Let iron-on cool and peel off plastic film

Onesie Station for a baby shower9Onesie Station for a baby shower10


With a bit of prep work you can have a baby shower activity that will not only impress the soon to be mom but also all the guests. I guarantee those shower guests will be talking about it at every baby shower they go to. Who knows it could even spark a new side business.

Now every time they see the new baby in their onesie or bib they will have a sense of pride that they made that!

Onesie Station for a baby shower11Baby showers can be more than just games you can create fun experiences and showcase your skills. Now this is going to be one stylish baby in his DIY baby shark onesie and all of these nautical outfits. Now let’s just hope there are some pants in with the rest of the gifts.

Onesie Station for a baby shower12

Now buying all the onesies, your time and materials can add up. Often times I will let the mom to be know that the onesie making station is my gift to her. Onesie Station for a baby shower13

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  1. This is such a fun idea! It would be nice to have the person manning the station take pictures of the creator with their finished product to send to the parents-to-be!