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Mixing your farmhouse decor with teal pumpkins to create beautiful neutral fall decorations that will fit in with your everyday farmhouse style. 

Starting to decorating your house for Fall seems like the final nail in the coffin for Summer. Or you can embrace it, wish Summer a see you next year and jump on the bandwagon. I cannot ignore when fall decor is put out by the major retailers. My heart just starts to sing. 

Last year I embraced the colors of autumn with oranges and browns but as the seasons change so does my style. I’ve started to embrace touches of farmhouse style into my home but I also like to think that my house is a bit more eclectic. And I joke but it’s true every room is kissed with teal and this fall decor is no exception. 

Update! I’ve recently renovated my house. Check out this years teal Fall decor in the update space. 

In early August when I walked into Marshalls and saw these teal pumpkins I knew a neutral and teal fall color palette was for me this year. Now you are not going to walk into a pumpkin patch and find a teal pumpkin so you’re going to have to get inventive. You can run to Marshalls and hope they still have these or you can buy some orange pumpkins and DIY them yourself with chalk paint. If you do that I suggest foam or plastic pumpkins vs real. Paint on real pumpkins speeds up the pumpkin going bad. 

What I love about going neutral and farmhouse is that you can start to shop your home for some items to incorporate. Farmhouse is all about a light color palette and adding in touches of nature. Popular spray might include lamb’s ear, cotton stems or eucalyptus. Now this garland is from Hobby Lobby and I intend to use it year round. I knew I needed something to jazz up the garland a bit more and it just hit me. Pinecones! In New England I could probably just step outside and find pine cones but I remembered the sack of cinnamon pinecones I stored away from last Christmas. I nestled the pinecones into the garland. If you wanted something a little more secure you could use floral wire to attach the pinecones to the garland. 

When I create a table scape or a vignette I like to bring in some height. Candle holders are a great way to do this but they can be pricey. If you already have them great! If you don’t let me tell you what I did to save a few dollars. I went to Big Lots and bought inexpensive orange candle stick holders. I grabbed some chalk paint and made white candle stick holders in just a few minutes. These were perfect to give some height to my display and a placeholder for some additional pumpkins. 

I love to shop my house because let’s face it I am on a budget. So let’s recap so far things you could use. Floral, pinecones, candlestick holders, paint those foam pumpkins from last year. What else can we add? I want to get more teal into the display so I added these votive holders giving more of a metallic feel and adding some sparkle. If you don’t have a wood or rustic surface you could always add a table runner or some burlap. 

Overall I am really loving the farmhouse vibe and this is really getting me excited for how I am going to decorate for Christmas this year. Yes I just said Christmas, sorry! I LIVE for the next couple of months <3. Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed styling it. 

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