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Silhouette Challenge Card Swap

A few weeks ago I posted about a card swap I was participating in with the Silhouette Challenge. How it worked was I created 26 cards and mailed them to Kristy, from Please Excuse My CrafterMath, she sorted through all the cards and mailed back 26 handmade cards from other Silhouette Challenge members. How fun?! Right?! 

I had so much fun going through these cards with my Mom when the package came. We ran upstairs and immediately spread them out on my desk. Not going to lie I loved them all. There was not even one card that I didn’t like! I even want to frame a few. I actually left them on my desk for about a week and a half just admiring them before I packaged them up to store until I found an occasion to use them. 

This was the card that I created for the swap. Check out how to make it here. 

Click through all of the cards I received in the gallery above.  I can’t wait to join more of these exchanges! It’s exhausting and stressful to finish them up but there was no better feeling than opening up that final package!

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