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On Friday, Weekend Craft reached over 1,000 Facebook fans! We could not be more ecstatic! And because we love our readers we thought this could be a great way to reward them. Make sure to stick around to the bottom of the post and enter to win $500 just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

Ever just have a vision for a project, clear as day, but it just does not come out at all or even close to how you expected? This is another addition to add to our craft fail shelf. I had recently heard that Mod Podge came out with sheer tinted colors. You’ve probably seen people on Pinterest tinting mason jars different colors, you can use the sheer tint Mod Podge to do that. 

So why couldn’t I do that on a glass frame in a chevron pattern?! Sort of creating a stained glass effect. 

The intention was to use stencil vinyl to cut a chevron background over the glass of a frame and then overlay a vinyl Valentine’s related message. If only it was that easy.

I painted a few coats the Mod Podge over the pattern stencil but when I went to peel of the stencil not only did the stencil come off but also the Mod Podge. The Mod Podge has become one with the stencil vinyl and acted more as a sticker.

At least pulling of the stencil vinyl left the glass clean and back to its almost original state. At least I can use it again?! I am still excited about the new sheer tint Mod Podge but maybe I will stick to mason jars at first!

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Let me know if you want to see more giveaways like this or go back to focusing just on projects!

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  1. My 32 anniversary is the day before valentines (long story as to why it not ON the day), and hubby usually takes the day off work and we just go to a movie, have lunch, go the mall, whatever. We just take the day and play. The night of valentines we are planning on going dancing. We have a dancing date about 2x a week anyway.

  2. I hope to have all 4 of my grandkids for Valentine’s Day. I keep telling my children they need to go out to dinner or something. lol

  3. Dinner with my husband at Ruth’s Chris (courtesy of a gift card that’s been floating around for almost a year!)

  4. I’m not doing a thing! Hubs will be at work so my daughter and I will probably gorge on chinese food and rent a movie!