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The best and affordable Christmas trees with great reviews. Because decorating for the holidays doesn’t need to break the bank. 

Affordable Christmas Trees

I always get asked about my Christmas trees and to be honest. Most I have gotten on crazy sale or have been gifted to me. as hand me downs. This has allowed me to decorate for a big Christmas in a small house. Today I wanted to share some affordable Christmas trees that have great reviews. All the trees below are rated 4-5 stars and are between $39 and $169.

Through out the next few weeks I will be updating this post as Christmas trees go on sale. 

Looking for a tree collar or basket? Check out my favorite here

This post contains affiliate links.

Best Places to find affordable Christmas trees

Sale weekend of 11/7/20 is the Michaels Tree Event. Check out the deals here

Pencil Trees

Michaels is having a big sale on Christmas trees this weekend and I have had my eye on a pencil tree for my home office. So far I am in between this 7ft clear light Ashland Christmas tree or this 7 ft clear light Ashland flocked Christmas tree. Check out how I decorated my pencil tree last year, here

Update! Just ordered this cashmere 7ft fall pencil tree. It was recommended to me several times on instagram and is a great compromise between a regular tree and a flocked tree. 

Christmas Trees

Michaels this weekend is having a tree event and I have my eye on this 7 ft clear light Christmas tree for my parents. Their Christmas tree last year the lights just stopped working and they branches were starting to fall apart. So it’s time for a new one. My mom is debating getting the multi-colored lights version since growing up our tree always had mulit- colored lights. 

Update! Just ordered this 7.5 foot color changing whistler Christmas tree. It has the best reviews and can change between white and mulit-colored lights. 

Over the past couple of years Walmart has become known for having affordable flocked Christmas trees like this one


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  1. Michaels also has a 7 ft cashmere xmas tree for 49.99 its not flocked per say but has a variable lighter look on a longer needle than the one for 39.99 very prettycarole

    1. They love it! I think it has been up for a week now. I have to head over there one night and help them decorate it!