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Turn the Target gumball machine into a DIY snowman with glitter and paint. An easy Christmas craft for kids.

This post is sponsored by Beacon Adhesives but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

DIY Gumball Snowman

Snowmen make some of the best Christmas and winter decor. Lets make a DIY snowman using a gumball machine canister from Target. This is a great craft to do with older kids.

These Target gumball machine canisters from Bullseye’s playground have been one of the most coveted items the last couple of months. I have kept my eye out for one knowing that I wanted to incorporate it into my Christmas decor. To my luck there was just one sitting on the shelf as soon as I picked it up I knew what I was going to make, a snowman!

The round glass jar and gumball machine body make the perfect snowman shape.

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Target Gumball Machine DIY

Here’s what you’ll need

How to add glitter to a glass

What’s the secret to adding glitter to glass? Beacon Adhesives Glitter-It! It’s a non-toxic clear glue that makes it easy to add fine glitter to glass or plastic ornaments. or canisters. This glue dries clear and fast and keeps the glitter vibrant! The pointed end makes it easy to apply with precision. It’s also easy to clean up with just soap and water. 

Beacon Adhesives has given me a promo code for 20% off! Use code WEEKENDCRAFT20 for 20% off craft glues on their website. Exclusions apply.

Step One- Clean the glass

Remove the top lid of the canister and rinse with a mixture of vinegar and water. Add one tablespoon of white vinegar to one cup of warm water and pour into the canister. Swirl around to thoroughly clean glass. Rinse and leave to dry upside down. This helps remove any residue that has been left inside the canister. Make sure your gumball machine canister dries completely.

Beacon Adhesive Glitter-It!

Step Two: Glitter-It!

Pour Glitter-It! into the canister. Swirl around to coat the entire inner glass surface. Add more if needed. Turn upside down to Drain Glitter-It! . Make sure the entire inner surface is well coated before adding glitter. Place canister upside down for 10-15 seconds

DIY Gumball Snowman

Step Three: Add glitter

Add glitter. Rotate and swirl the gumball machine canister until the inside is covered with glitter.  If necessary, add additional Glitter-It! and glitter until all areas are covered. Let dry.

Beacon Adhesive Glitter-It!

Step Four: Paint a snowman’s face

Using black acrylic craft paint draw to small circles for the snowman’s eyes. Let these dry a few minutes and add two white dots on the eyes. I love adding this small detail it gives the snowman some personality

DIY Gumball Snowman

Below the eyes using orange paint draw a triangle with the long point going towards the right side. This will be the carrot nose.

Using the black paint add 4 small dots on a curve. This will be the snowman’s coal mouth.

DIY snowman scarf

Step Five: Braid a yarn scarf

Is a snowman really a snowman without a scarf. Grab some red yard and cut 18- 24 inch pieces. Tie the top with an additional piece of yarn. Separate the yarn into 3 equal sections and begin to braid. Once the braid can drape over the neck of the gumball machine and look like a scarf tie off the end with an extra piece of string. Trim both ends of your scarf.

spray paint

Step Six: Spray Paint the lid

Every snowman needs a hat! Use the painters tape to tape off the plastic seal. Grab a can of black spray paint. Outside or in a well ventilated area spray paint the canister lid. I like to do this with quick light sprays always keeping my hand moving as I am spray painting. It may need a few coats. Let dry completely before handling.

DIY Gumball Snowman

Step Seven: Assemble

Place your scarf on to the neck of your snow man. Tie it loosely to make it appear as a scarf. Place the black canister top back on your gumball machine.

DIY Gumball Snowman

How cute is it?! Doesn’t this Target gumball machine canister look just like a snowman?! I love the way the white glitter shimmers. This is a fun and easy craft that you could definitely do with older kids.

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