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How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon. A simple and full proof way to add ribbon to your Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Ribbon and Garland

Over the years of sharing my Christmas trees the number one question I am asked is how to put ribbon on a Christmas tree. I’m going to show you step by step how decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon and with a few tips along the way.

I like ribbon to look natural and incorporate it into the tree. I am not a fan of just wrapping the ribbon around the tree so it sits on top of the branches and just looks too tight. You don’t want to squeeze the tree with ribbon you want it to be nestled into the tree.

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Choosing a ribbon

Are you new to ribbon? My tip is to buy a few different rolls and test them out on your tree and see how you like them. You can always snake some ribbon out of the spool and try it on the tree without committing.

I like to do this to see the color on the tree but also to see which width looks better on the tree.

christmas tree ribbon

Do you put ribbon on a Christmas tree first or last?

After fluffing your tree the first thing you will do is add your ribbon to the Christmas tree. You do not want to start putting ornaments on your tree before the ribbon.

What type of ribbon do you put on a Christmas tree?

Wired fabric ribbon is the best ribbon to use on your Christmas tree. The wire helps it keep its shape while wrapped around the tree. How thick should the ribbon be? Between 2.5 and 3.5 inches.

How much ribbon do I need for a Christmas tree?

This will depend on how tall and wide your Christmas tree is. A typical artificial Christmas tree is between 6-7 feet. I use 2 25ft rolls on my trees. Always buy an addition 3rd roll of ribbon just incase. You can use this extra roll on mantel or wreaths and have them coordinate or compliment your tree.

Adding ribbon to a Christmas tree

Start at the top of your tree. Tuck the beginning of your ribbon behind a branch at the back of your tree. Not staying in place or afraid the kids may tug at it? You can use a bobby pin to secure it.

how to put ribbon on a Christmas tree

Start working the ribbon around your tree coming down at a small angle. You want the ribbon to come down diagonally and not just wrap around your tree straight. This helps your eye flow when you are looking at the tree and create visual interest.

how to put ribbon on a Christmas tree

Now the ribbon should not just sit on the branches and be wrapped around them. Start incorporating the ribbon into the branches. Nestling the ribbon into the branches creates more of an organic feel and gives movement to your ribbon instead of it feeling tight and stiff.

How to add another roll of ribbon

One you run out of ribbon tuck the end into the tree. I try to do this in the back of the tree. Again you can secure it with a bobby pin. At the same spot start a new spool or ribbon. It can be secured with the same bobby pin or just tucked into the tree. Continue wrapping the ribbon around the tree.

Christmas Tree Ribbon

Once you are done you can either cut the ribbon or if you have a tree collar I hid the rest of the spool of the ribbon in the collar. No one will ever notice.

Looking for a tree collar? Check out some of my favorites here.

How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon.

  • Always use wired ribbon 2.5-4 inches wide.
  • Start at the top of the tree wrapping your ribbon around the tree clockwise.
  • Use a bobby pin to keep your ribbon in place.
  • Angle the ribbon so its positioned diagonally coming down the tree.
  • Nestle the ribbon into the tree incorporating it into the branches. You never want it to be too tight.
  • When starting a new roll of ribbon start in the back.
  • Added beaded garland in between each tier of ribbon.
Christmas Tree Ribbon and Garland

Adding beaded garland to your Christmas tree

I love the look of ribbon but I like to take it one step further and add beaded garland or a felt garland. I add it in between each tier of ribbon.

Wooden beaded garland adds an additional texture to the Christmas tree. This helps build depth and visual interest. You can find a similar red wooden beaded garland here.

I cannot wait to show you this tree done once I add all the ornaments.

How to put ribbon on a christmas tree

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