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DIY Rhinestone Ornament

How to make a glittered poinsettia rhinestone ornament. Beautiful DIY bling ornament for your Christmas tree.

Rhinestone Ornament

Rhinestones or bling might just be my new favorite hobby. Today I am going to be showing you how to make these DIY glitter rhinestone ornament with a poinsettia flower.

I’ve recently taken up a new hobby of learning how to bling. I follow a few bling artists on TikTok and Instagram and it piqued my interest. I even took a class to make a tumbler. Now I can’t stop blinging so I figured why not make a DIY rhinestone ornament for my Christmas tree and show you step by step how I made it.

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Here’s what you’ll need

rhinestone ornament supplies

How to add glitter to a glass

What’s the secret to adding glitter to glass? Beacon Adhesives Glitter-It! It’s a non-toxic clear glue that makes it easy to add fine glitter to glass or plastic ornaments. or canisters. This glue dries clear and fast and keeps the glitter vibrant! The pointed end makes it easy to apply with precision. It’s also easy to clean up with just soap and water. 

Beacon Adhesives has given me a promo code for 20% off! Use code WEEKENDCRAFT20 for 20% off craft glues on their website. Exclusions apply.

Clean the glass

Rinse the ornament with a mixture of vinegar and water. Add one tablespoon of white vinegar to one cup of warm water and pour into the ornament. Swirl around to thoroughly clean glass. Rinse and leave to dry upside down.

Glitter-It Ornaments


Pour Glitter-It! into the ornament. Swirl around to coat the entire inner glass surface. Add more if needed. Turn upside down to Drain Glitter-It! . Make sure the entire inner surface is well coated before adding glitter. Place ornament upside down for 10-15 seconds

Add glitter

Add glitter. Rotate and swirl the ornament until the inside is covered with glitter.  If necessary, add additional Glitter-It! and glitter until all areas are covered. Let dry.

Adding vinyl to an ornament

If you have a Cricut or Silhouette cut a poinsettia out of vinyl. I grabbed this off of Cricut Design Space. Don’t have a Cricut or silhouette. Grab a sharpie or paint and sketch out a poinsettia

add vinyl to ornament

When adding the vinyl I cut the transfer tape between every petal. This makes it easier to put vinyl on a cylindrical object like an ornament. Use your scraper tool and then slowly peel back you transfer tape.

Vinyl Ornament

The best glue for rhinestones

My favorite glue for adding rhinestones to an ornament or even a tumbler is Beacon Adhesives Gem-Tac. It dries clear, is non-toxic and has a great hold.

I like to put Gem-Tac into a precision tip bottle. This give me better control with how much glue I add to the ornament.

Where to buy glass rhinestones

I like to use glass rhinestones. I have bought from a couple of different places. For a great quality and price Wholesale Rhinestones is my go to but they are not known for fast shipping since it comes from overseas. When I am in a pinch and need rhinestones quick I buy them here.

What kind of rhinestone should I buy?

Personally I like crystal or glass rhinestones. I do not like resin or jelly the finished project tends to look cheaper. Crystal rhinestones will give you a higher end look. If you want part of your design to be a bit more shiny or glam an AB finish will give you more of a sparkle.

rhinestone ornament

How to make DIY rhinestone ornaments

Using the precision tip glue start with a few dots of glue in the center of your flower. Using your rhinestone picker start adding stones to your flower.

rhinestone ornament

The wax tip of the rhinestone picker will easily help you pick up and place rhinestones on to the glue. You don’t need to use a lot of pressure to pick up your rhinestone or bling. Also not to worry this glue dries clear!

rhinestone ornament

I am using what is called the scatter method. Picking up different size rhinestones that fit into the design.

rhinestone ornaments poinsettia

Next you will start to add rhinestones to each petal. I find blinging to be very relaxing. It can be time consuming but it’s very cathartic.

rhinestone ornaments poinsettia

I decided to add some green leaves to my poinsettia. Drawing the leaves freehand with the glue and started to add green rhinestones.

I’m so happy with how this ornament came out. It took a few hours but its absolutely beautiful. I added a poinsettia to the other side as well. Make sure to let it dry for 24-48 hours before putting it on your Christmas tree.

Rhinestone Ornament

The options for DIY rhinestone ornament designs are truly limitless. I think I will try to make a snowflake next.

Rhinestone Ornament

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