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These easy Thanksgiving leftover recipes might even be better than Thanksgiving dinner itself. Take your leftover Thanksgiving turkey and make it into an entirely different dish.

Collage of 4 leftover thanksgiving recipes turkey salad on a croissant, thanksgiving pocket, thanksgiving pizza and turkey noodle soup.

Thanksgiving dinner may be over but you have a fridge full of leftovers. You may make your Thanksgiving sandwich, which is everyones favorite, but just reheating leftovers can be boring. Your family can get sick of them fast. That’s why I like to turn my Thanksgiving leftovers into an entirely different meal. Everything from pot pies to soup and even pizza.

Looking for ways to cook a turkey? We love to air fry our turkey or roast it in an electric roaster. Either way we cook it we always use a herb butter rub.

My favorite part of hosting Thanksgiving is having a fridge full of leftovers. These Thanksgiving leftover recipes are why! Enjoy your leftover turkey.

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Have turkey leftover from Thanksgiving?! Don't get bored with your leftovers stretch them out for a few days with these mouth watering and creative Thanksgiving leftover recipes.

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