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Which Model of the Cricut EasyPress should I buy?

Cricut has expanded the EasyPress line over the years. There are now 4 different sizes.Today I am going to walk you through all of the EasyPresses and which would be best for your crafting needs. Looking for a gift for the crafter in your life? The EasyPress makes a great Christmas or birthday gift.

Cricut EasyPress

This post contains affiliate links. 

So let’s start with the basics. Do you own a die cutting machine? Like a Cricut or a Silhouette? Yes, do you want to create projects with iron-on vinyl or infusible ink? Like custom t-shirts and totes. If yes then you might need a Cricut EasyPress. 

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What is a Cricut EasyPress?

The Cricut EasyPress is a hybrid between an iron and a heat press. It has the quality and precision of a heat press but at the connivence of an iron. It is used to transfer iron-on vinyl or infusible ink to fabric or other surfaces.

Which size EasyPress do I need?

There are now 4 different sizes of the Cricut EasyPress  

Have the original EasyPress and want to know the difference between the original and the EasyPress 2? Check out this article here

Cricut EasyPress Mini

EasyPress Mini is perfect for small or unique projects like hats, shoes, headbands and so much more. You could even use it on a stuffed animals!  What I love about the mini is that it’s so petite. Its compact size and ergonomic grip helps it take on curved surfaces. It’s even perfect for hard-to-reach spots between seams and buttons.

6×7 EasyPress 2 is great for small projects like baby clothes and accessories. (discontinued)

9×9 EasyPress 2 is the ideal size for t-shirts and totes. You could also customize your throw pillows or even an apron.

12×10 EasyPress 2 is perfect for larger projects such larger T-shirts and sweatshirts. It’s ideal for blankets, banners and signs. Did you know you can apply iron-on or HTV to wood?

If I was going to get just one EasyPress it would either be the 9×9 or the 12×10. Now I love making shirts but being plus size I usually gravitate towards the 12×10 because my graphics are larger. If you are making smaller shirts with midsize graphics the 9×9 would work great.

All of these EasyPress models are compatible with Cricut Infusible Ink. The original EasyPress is not. The heat plate does not get hot enough. 

Where should I buy a Cricut EasyPress?

I do like to purchase my products straight from Cricut. They always seem to be running great sales and if you are a Cricut Access member you get an extra 10% off. That being said when I want something straight away I will order from Amazon or Michaels has the biggest Cricut selection in store followed by Joanns. They are also available at Hobby Lobby and AC Moore. 

Do I need an EasyPress mat?

I would suggest it. The mats have five layers of heat-resistant, moisture-wicking insulation create the ideal environment for foolproof iron-on results.

EasyPress Mat sizes

How do I know what settings to use?

My favorite feature on Cricut’s website is the heat guide. You select which EasyPress you have, your heat material and your base material. Then it will let you know what temperature settings to use and how long to press it for. It doesn’t get simpler than that. 

What Materials work with a Cricut EasyPress?

Planning on traveling the your EasyPress?

Check out these traveling tips here

Cricut EasyPress


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