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A Buffalo Check Flocked Christmas Tree

The most beautiful flocked buffalo check plaid Christmas tree. 

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Every year I say this is the most beautiful tree I have ever decorated. Well this year this might actually be the most beautiful Christmas tree I have ever decorated. Last year I splurged and bought my first flocked Christmas tree. I had wanted one for as long as I could remember. And well are we really surprised I went with a buffalo check Christmas tree again?

Nordic Christmas

This year I decided to stray a bit from my normal farmhouse Christmas. I was inspired by the idea of a Nordic Christmas. What does that mean? In my mind it was the idea of neutral colors with pops of reds and intentional textures that would keep you warm, like faux fur. You will see this throughout my living room and dining area. 

Decorating for Christmas during a Renovation

Speaking of living and dining area. I am in the midst of a renovation so you guys are getting the first sneak peek of the open concept living room. Get the full living room reveal when I post my Christmas home tour tomorrow. While it was difficult to decorate in the midst of a renovation I pulled it off. I cannot wait to show it to you all. Check out the renovation reveal here!

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Buffalo Check Christmas Tree

How to decorate a christmas tree adding texture and depth

Decorating a Christmas tree is down to a science for me. Here is how I do it year after year. I don’t break the budget but the tree always looks grand and over the top!

Step 1- Assemble and fluff the tree.

Pull that tree out of the basement or the attic. If using a tree collar remember to set the base of the tree in the collar before assembling. 

Step 2- Add in floral picks.

This will help your tree look much fuller especially if it is an older tree that has lost some of it’s fullness. This also helps add some dimension. I like using pine cones and red berries. You can usually find these on sale at the craft store.

Step 3- Add Garland or Ribbon.

This year I decided to use a mixture of both ribbon and red wooden beads. Because of the Scandinavian Christmas trend, wooden beads are very popular this year. It took 3 strands to cover the whole tree.

Step 4- Adorn your tree with ornaments.

What sparked the inspiration for this tree was wanting to incorporate dark greens. I found these dark green glass ornaments and thought they would add a nice layer of depth from the traditional green of Christmas. They would also go well with the black of the buffalo check ribbon. As for the pops of red I love mercury glass. I stumbled upon this beautiful set of 24 mercury glass ornaments at Home Goods they are the type of ornaments that are so well made you know you will still have them when your decorating your tree 50 years from now. 

Step 5- Top your tree with a star or an angel.

Finally I don’t usually like the traditional tree toppers you find in the store. In fact I usually try to find something else to repurpose as a tree topper. This star is actually a giant ornament I found at a local shop years ago and modified it to become a tree topper.

DIY Ornaments 

Most importantly add a personal touch ornaments to add a personal touch to your tree or keep yourself on budget with some DIY Ornaments.

Plaid Christmas Tree

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Buffalo Check Christmas Tree 


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